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Wedding in St. Valentine’s land: Why not?

People all around the world knows St. Valentine, but not everyone knows that the holy patron of Lovers is an Italian phenomenon that has its origins in Umbria!

Umbria is a small region in the center of Italy and it is known as its Green Heart. It can count on a territory of rare beauty, characterized by a great variety of landscapes thanks to the presence of green and gentle hills, wide valleys, and it’s also crossed by the Apennines. The population is concentrated in valleys, villages, and small and evocative towns that are located in a context of green and luxuriant nature. Many towns also received the important acknowledgment of “Beautiful Italian Town”. Umbria is a region full of history and culture, and can boast charming places where nature, atmosphere and tradition mix in enchanting backgrounds. A romantic land by definition, it will be able to offer the perfect wedding set! And this is the context where the idea of a project of Umbria as a destination for weddings, romantic tours and honeymoons was born. Destination Wedding is a fast-growing field through the national territory and can create an important economic value. In 2017, the brand Umbria Destination Wedding was launched. The project’s ambitious but with clear goals, the first of which is to transform the region in a real Destination Wedding through actions which aim at the optimization of the territory and all the agents of the Destination Wedding industry, and, under a commercial point of view, through the publication of a monographic catalogue for Umbria, with a composed structure which includes carefully picked excellencies of the territory, and every one of those is characterized by a storytelling perfectly linked with the traditions and culture of that part of the land. The catalogue is divided into themes that describe the diverse distinctive traits of the territory where the chosen venues are located. The Umbria Destination Wedding project has another essential aspect in training. Various initiatives have already been like the training course Destination Wedding for Planner Specialist, and the course Wedding Travel Coordinator. Training is essential to prepare the territory and its agents to greet foreign couples who are the purest form of tourism, and who are going to live a series of experiences that should be unique and typical of the tradition of the region.  Umbria can offer an unparalleled and always new experience within the Destination Wedding sector thanks to the synergy between castles, historic palaces, villas, old monasteries, and old mills which were able to blend history and modernity with all its comforts, and the territory.

Umbria is turning white!

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