Umbria outdoors


Useful information

  • Location:

    Trasimeno Lake

  • Period:

    April 2018 - October 2018

  • Duration:

    Minimum 3 nights

  • Target:

    Couples Small groups

Package description

An unforgettable holiday immersed in the unpolluted nature of Umbria. A real journey to discover the scenic beauty and the ancient traditions of this wonderful land: from a mountain biking adventure on the green hills of Lake Trasimeno, to a sailing trip to the quiet Isola Maggiore and the wild Isola Polvese. The experience is enhanced by the tasting of the territory's most famous food and wine and by relaxing on the peaceful shores of the Umbria river.
One Full Day
The day begins with a meditation session, followed by breakfast at the hotel. The morning continues with an excursion by mountain bike on the hills of Lake Trasimeno; next, you can take part in a seminar on agricultural products of the area, such as the traditional "bean of Lake Trasimeno", an ancient and valuable local legume, also called "fagiolina". The first part of the day ends with lunch in a trattoria; the menu includes lake fish accompanied by a tasting of natural Umbrian wines.
After resting, in the afternoon, you can go on a boat trip around the Isola Maggiore and the Isola Polvese; the visit is followed by a few moments of relaxation enjoying the undisturbed nature of the lake. Finally, an aperitif on the boat offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy the views.
After the boat ride, you can return to the hotel to freshen up before a date night with a tasty dinner consisting of local organic products.
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