Porchetta and beer in Umbria


Useful information

  • Location:


  • Period:

    January 2018 - December 2018

  • Duration:

    Minimum 3 nights

  • Target:

    Couples Small groups Large groups

Package description

A true journey through the traditional food products of Umbrian origin. Local farmers and producers are ready to guide you to discover the typical products of the region: from the porchetta, the popular dried meat of the Italian culinary tradition, to the authentic craft beer produced in Assisi. Each product will unveil the unique history, secrets and flavours of this wonderful territory enclosed in the heart of Italy.
One Full Day
The morning begins with breakfast on the premises. Right after, there is a visit to a porchetta producer in Assisi. During a seminar, the owner will tell you the whole process of producing porchetta: from the preparation of the pig to the completion of the finished product. During lunch at a farm hotel, you will be able to taste various Umbrian porchetta specialties accompanied by local craft beers.
The afternoon is dedicated to a guided visit to a brewery, where guests will attend all stages of beer production, with a subsequent craft beer tasting. At the end of the afternoon, you can return to the premises to relax.
The evening continues at a local farm specializing in pig breeding. Here, guests can enjoy a dinner based on locally produced specialties.
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