Spoleto Festival: a show full of culture!

A long time has passed since 1958, when the so-called “Festival of two worlds” was born in Spoleto. It was the dream of composer Gian Carlo Monetti and its importance in the international culture scene has sky-rocketed since.

Why “of two worlds”?

Master Menotti wanted to organise a festival to celebrate art in all its manifestations, from the most classical to the most innovative, in all areas of performance: from singing to music, ballet to prose, figurative art to oratory, all brought together in one festival.

The Spoleto Festival is precisely this: one big melting pot of art, culture and, above all “cultures”, understood as different ways of living art in various nations.

The term “two worlds” comes precisely from the fact that the main objective of this event, which is over 60 years old, is to unite the European and American cultures, in pursuit of a constructive artistic collaboration.

Far from remaining a mere paper exercise, the Spoleto Festival is today one of the most important, international, cultural events, which attracts visitors from far and wide to this charming medieval town in the heart of Umbria.

Why was Spoleto chosen to host this international event? Simply said,

  • Its historical centre, of medieval origin, is both cosy and extremely impressive.
  • The city has two “italian” theatres, ideal for prose and beyond.
  • Also, one can find a very well conserved Roman amphitheatre in Spoleto.

Apart from all of this, the famous Piazza del Duomo is probably one of the most beautiful open-air theatres of Italy.

spoleto festival storia

The Spoleto Festival: practical information.

The Festival has always lasted 17 days (except in cases of force majeure) and starts the last Friday of June.

There are many shows and performances on the programme (here you will find the programme of the 2018 edition, as soon as it becomes available) and the agenda continue to be in the name of “duality”: shows are paired by mixing the newest trends with the great classics, and every type of artistic manifestation has a voice within the festival.

The following performances will be present on stage:

  • Opera
  • Ballet dances
  • Theatrical performances
  • Concerts
  • Painting performances
  • Religious music

spoleto festival spettacoli

During the 17 days of festival, the streets of Spoleto fill with conferences, contemporary art installations, book readings and puppet shows, which make the whole city become a stage: from the Teatro Cian Carlo Mentonni to Caio Melisso, from the ancient Roman theatre to the Teatrino delle sei, passing through the monumental complex of San Nicolò and the courtyard of the Rocca Alborozina. Spoleto thus becomes the host of a “disseminated” show, which culminates with the closing concert in the charming Piazza del Duomo.

Maybe this is the reason why the festival attracts each year visitors from around the world, or, actually, from two worlds. To which one do you belong to?

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