“We only offer our guests what we also love”

ULov is the Destination Management Company and incoming brand of the Trips & Service tour operator, based in Perugia, Umbria. We specialize in promoting and selling services & incoming packages in the Umbria area and in Central Italy. Thanks to our 15-year experience in the travel and hospitality sectors and to our thorough knowledge of the region, we have created a solid business network with local stakeholders. As a result, we are able to offer unique travel experiences and tailored packages in the areas of gastronomy, culture, adventure, wellness and nature. Our mission is to create your dream trip in Umbria and in Central Italy, with the aim of exceeding your expectations.


Through an established network of suppliers and local collaborators, we can create custom travel experiences available throughout the Umbrian territory and Central Italy. We offer tailored packages designed to meet individual needs ranging from cultural visits to the region’s historic sites, tours of the most hidden villages, to excursions organised in mountains, hills or natural parks. The understanding of the territory and the direct relationship with local producers, artisans and restaurateurs enable us to offer exclusive visits to inaccessible places accompanied by multilingual guides specialised in hiking, history, art, culture and food and wine. The itineraries and services offered in each individual package allow our guests to live an alternative and sophisticated travel experience to make them discover and enjoy the essence of these places.

Accommodation & Gastronomy

The solutions proposed for our guests are selected according to their needs and requests: traditional hotels, castles, historical residences, villas, small villages, solitary hermitages, country houses, luxury and wellness hotels. The food and wine offer is created to ensure genuine and authentic experiences through the selection of restaurants, trattorias, taverns, guest houses and farmhouses, carefully chosen for their locally-produced seasonal ingredients. Special attention is given to the selection of wine cellars, for the PGI, CDO and GCDO wines; of the oil producers, for PDO extra virgin olive oil; and of breweries, chosen from the best of the territory and renowned nationally and internationally.


Our travel ideas allow our guests to get in touch with the tradition, the people and the wonders of Umbria through unique experiences: participate in events and historical re-enactments; learn the recipes of local cuisine and prepare typical Umbrian dishes together; have lunch or dinner in private homes with a glass of local wine in a friendly atmosphere. These are some small details that will make your trip unforgettable, allowing you to breathe the tradition, culture and folklore still present in the territory.